Tips on Writing a Romeo and Juliet Conflict Essay Introduction

In your Romeo and Juliet conflict essay, you should identify a contradiction, focus on its causes and effects, and provide your own point of view regarding the situation. The following hints are designed to help you get started and compose a perfect beginning of your paper.

Creating a Decent Introduction for Your Conflict Essay on Romeo and Juliet

  • Identify the type of the conflict that you want to write about.
  • Try to select something that excites your curiosity. You can either discuss a fight between the two characters, a chosen character and himself, the main characters versus the society, or a man against fate.

  • Find the supporting details from the play.
  • Alter you identified the two opposing forces, read Romeo and Juliet carefully to find specific examples, catchy quotes, and other evidence to reinforce your argument. Keep in mind that you should cite all the sources used in your essay.

  • Write a concise thesis statement.
  • Your thesis should state the central conflict that you plan to approach in your work. It’s important to ensure that your argument is focused enough to be properly supported in the scope of your assignment.

  • Outline your thoughts.
  • After you drafted your thesis statement and found a suitable evidence, spend some time organizing the ideas you have. You need to put everything in a logical order, decide how many subtopics you’ll cover, and check whether you have enough details to produce a convincing paper.

  • Create your first draft.
  • Start writing using all the materials that you gathered, or simply buy cause and effect essay online. Remember to begin your work with an attention-catching sentence. This can be a quote, a question, or your observation about the book or its author.

  • Finalize your writing.
  • To get a high grade, you should revise your first draft and edit it. Check whether your introductory paragraph has a topic sentence, each claim is supported by evidence, and there is a transition from each point of your paper to the next.

A Checklist for a Good Introduction

  • Tell the readers what you’re planning to write about in your essay.
  • Explain the audience how you’ll address a conflict in Romeo and Juliet.
  • Provide some background information about the play relevant to your paper topic.
  • Include a well-composed thesis statement.
  • Connect to the readers to make it easier for you to convince them to agree with your main idea.
  • Make a smooth transition from your first paragraph to the body of the assignment by using appropriate transition words or phrases.