How to Start an Essay on Why Disability is Not Inability

The beginning of your essay will either make it a hit or a miss. The enticement to read beyond the title lies in your introduction. When composing a paper on why disability is not inability, your beginning will determine the reception of the entire paper. Here are several ways to start your paper in order to make it interesting to read.

Pick a Catchy Phrase

Find a phrase that is catchy and captivating to read. The attention of the reader will be captured immediately he reads the statement. This phrase, sentence or statement could be drawn from a poem, a novel, a recitation, newspaper article, etc. It could also be a statement from a prominent personality who had high regard for people with disability. Whichever phrase you choose, ensure that it captures the attention of the reader.

Use a Quotation

A quotation attributed to a prominent figure is a captivating way to begin an essay on why disability is not inability. A proverb or a citation from a recognizable book would also do. It is the attribution of the quote to a person, institution, event, time, etc that captures the interest of the reader. When making a quotation, ensure that it is well referenced. Failure to reference the quote may lead to accusation of plagiarism.

Use Statistics

Figures are a short way of communicating weighty matters. A lot of research has been done on disability with incredible statistics of triumph. In your process of reading widely, identify a statistical figure or revelation that is astounding. Using such statistics at the beginning of your paper will help concentrate the attention of a reader. A percentage or fraction may say more than what can be accommodated in an entire paragraph.

Give a Story

It is interesting to listen or read a short and inspiring story about persons who have overcome disability. The idea stories to use are those of prominent personalities or real life experiences. However, if such a story is not available, an illustration will be sufficient to pass your message and capture the attention of your reader.

Challenge Your Reader

Engaging your reader is an active way of starting an essay. Challenge the reader to do something that a disabled person can do without a second thought. It could be opening a bottle of juice with one arm or drinking from a cup using your legs. This challenge draws attention to the ability of the disabled persons to perform ordinary duties regardless of common social perceptions. If you write your essays with passion and dedication, you might want to check out Writing Jobz for the most awesome writing gigs.