Crafting A Controversial Essay About The Effects Of Bullying

The effect of bullying can be devastating and creating an essay on this specific topic can be a very education process. If you have ever ben bullied before then you can draw from your own personal experience to get the content written. However, you should still use some studies to provide researched data that will stand up to scrutiny. Without further ado here are some top tis when trying to write a controversial essay about the effects of bullying.

Possible titles to work on

Are you stuck with regards to selecting the kind of title that can make a big difference to the way that work is completed? Then take a short cut and consider the possible titles below:

  • How has the internet increase the amount of bullying that takes place outside of school?
  • What are the main ways that cyber bullying can be tackled in a methodical manner?
  • Who do you feel should be responsible for stopping a child from getting bullied?
  • What are the top causes of bullying in your opinion?
  • What things can be done to educate kids not to bully other kids?
  • What psychological effects do kids undergo when they get bullied for a long period of time?
  • How can a bully be stopped for good?
  • What is the reasonable course of punishment for a bully?
  • What can be done to ensure that a bully does not make the same offence at some point in the future?

Where to get the info from

There are many possible locations online where data can be retrieved for the purposes of creating a piece of work that will hold up to scrutiny. Whenever you make a valid point it helps if you are able to get a piece of data to back up that point. By doing this you are essentially showing to the examiner that you have done the right research and deserve to get a high grade for your work. However, for those of you that have not had frame of mind to carry out a lot of info gather you’ll find that your work will be a lot harder to complete and might not even be of the same quality.
So keep this info in mind when you are working on your next controversial essay about bullying and the effects that it has on the kids who are the victims.