Where to look for a good visual analysis essay sample

When you have been assigned to write your essay it can already feel overwhelming because there are always so many other things for a student to focus on. Additionally, there are many different types of papers. You may ask yourself, what is a visual analysis paper anyway?

They say a picture paints a thousand words. While this may be true, it can be difficult to come up with the words to describe your thoughts when you see the picture. Every image invokes different thoughts and feelings in to the minds of different people. Will you see the same thing as someone else? Will you interpret it the same way? Probably not. That’s what makes a visual analysis essay so interesting.

Where to find good samples

When looking online to find a sample paper to give you an idea of how to write, you may want to search in the following places:

  • University or college websites
  • Writing agencies where students buy homework
  • How-to or tutorial sites about writing college papers

You can also inquire at your school library or your teacher and see if they keep some samples of previous students’ papers for you to look at.

What is a visual analysis paper?

These are commonly assigned for art history courses, English or other types of history courses. Their purpose is to teach the student to create meaning from a visual piece. The time frame of the artwork has a big impact on how the visual piece would be analyzed. Expressions on people’s faces, what the animals, children or other subjects within the art work also play a role in the analysis.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while contemplating the meaning of the work:

  • What is the setting?
  • What are people doing?
  • What are the emotions?
  • Make a vivid description of the image so the reader can paint the picture in their mind.
  • How was the image created?
  • Do you know any interesting facts about the piece of art or about the artist?
  • Is there a controversial issue or possible misunderstanding that could be portrayed by this visual piece?

A good sample paper should show you the things the writer was looking for when they analyzed the picture. It would also generate some ideas of questions you could ask yourself while looking at the picture and trying to convey meaning to your reader.

Useful instructions for creating a persuasive essay about smoking

Smoking is one of the most harmful forms of addiction and once you get into the habit, it can be extremely difficult to kick it. One of the reasons why a lot of people get into smoking from an early age is due to the widespread availability of nicotine and tobacco in the market in the form of cigarettes and cigars. Smoking is injurious to health and it is high time that the dangers of smoking be covered in essays by students so that they can get an in-depth understanding of how smoking affects us all.

Do Not Preach

  • Smoking is a sensitive public issue and one of the things that every student should avoid when dealing with such subjects is avoid a preaching tone.
  • You should not try to tell the readers what is right and what is wrong; instead try to cover facts and figures.
  • There should be plenty of statistics available that reveal how many people die from smoking every year.
  • You should always follow an objective approach instead of letting your emotions form a bias.

Focus on the Immediate Effects

A lot of people find relief from smoking since it helps calm their nerves but they forget about the long-term effects. Smoking is one of the leading causes of lung and throat cancer and numerous people succumb to the disease on a regular basis. Try to get to the basis of how smoking affects our body. Be sure to cover the adverse effects of passive smoking as well.

Highlight the Government’s Involvement

The governing bodies of numerous countries all over the world are aware of how acute the problem of smoking is and they regularly release public service announcements that discuss the health issues that may be caused as a result of smoking on a regular basis. It is necessary to pay attention to these announcements since they contain a lot of helpful information which you might want to heed before you take your next puff.

Role of the Media

Not just the government but the media too has taken an active stance against smoking. Most television channels tend to condone smoking nowadays and the reduced portrayal helps affect children and teens less. Your essay can cover how the media champions a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle. Be sure to focus on the efforts made by the platform if you wish to have a balanced and unbiased viewpoint on the sensitive subject of smoking.

Tips on Writing a Romeo and Juliet Conflict Essay Introduction

In your Romeo and Juliet conflict essay, you should identify a contradiction, focus on its causes and effects, and provide your own point of view regarding the situation. The following hints are designed to help you get started and compose a perfect beginning of your paper.

Creating a Decent Introduction for Your Conflict Essay on Romeo and Juliet

  • Identify the type of the conflict that you want to write about.
  • Try to select something that excites your curiosity. You can either discuss a fight between the two characters, a chosen character and himself, the main characters versus the society, or a man against fate.

  • Find the supporting details from the play.
  • Alter you identified the two opposing forces, read Romeo and Juliet carefully to find specific examples, catchy quotes, and other evidence to reinforce your argument. Keep in mind that you should cite all the sources used in your essay.

  • Write a concise thesis statement.
  • Your thesis should state the central conflict that you plan to approach in your work. It’s important to ensure that your argument is focused enough to be properly supported in the scope of your assignment.

  • Outline your thoughts.
  • After you drafted your thesis statement and found a suitable evidence, spend some time organizing the ideas you have. You need to put everything in a logical order, decide how many subtopics you’ll cover, and check whether you have enough details to produce a convincing paper.

  • Create your first draft.
  • Start writing using all the materials that you gathered, or simply buy cause and effect essay online. Remember to begin your work with an attention-catching sentence. This can be a quote, a question, or your observation about the book or its author.

  • Finalize your writing.
  • To get a high grade, you should revise your first draft and edit it. Check whether your introductory paragraph has a topic sentence, each claim is supported by evidence, and there is a transition from each point of your paper to the next.

A Checklist for a Good Introduction

  • Tell the readers what you’re planning to write about in your essay.
  • Explain the audience how you’ll address a conflict in Romeo and Juliet.
  • Provide some background information about the play relevant to your paper topic.
  • Include a well-composed thesis statement.
  • Connect to the readers to make it easier for you to convince them to agree with your main idea.
  • Make a smooth transition from your first paragraph to the body of the assignment by using appropriate transition words or phrases.

Simple Guide to Creating a Winning Introduction for a Compare and Contrast Essay

Before you start writing your compare and contrast essay, you need to have a perfectly clear idea of what you are going to speak about. The very essence of the compare and contrast project suggests that you choose two (or sometimes more) objects or situations to find similarities and differences they possess. You may have different goals, depending on your topic: to prove that the compared objects are similar, to prove that they are different, and so on. All this must be reflected in the introductory paragraph to your paper.

When to Write the Essay Intro

Professionals often recommend starting the intro when the main part of the text is already finished. It’s easier to speak about the goals of the project when you have the actual findings. You are free to choose another order of actions, however, if you are sure that the result of the research will match the goals that you have stated and that you won’t need to rewrite the introduction.

How to Compose a Winning Essay Introduction

  • Use a hook.
  • Hooks are interesting facts, which you mention in the intro but fully discover only in the body of the work. They help you keep your readers attracted to the project and interested in the further development of the research. You can also use questions as the hooks. Remember that they should sound controversial and debatable enough to keep your readers interested in the answers.

  • State your goals.
  • You shouldn’t do it like “I am going to speak about the similarities and differences of having rest by the sea and in the country”. It sounds quite dull and not professional. Use phrases like “Having rest out of the city has numerous advantages but what makes people choose the seaside instead of leaving for the countryside? What is so special about the sea? Are these locations as different as we are used to think about them?” You can see that such a paragraph contains hooks and statements at the same time. It sounds quite unusual and interesting for the people who want to see what follows.

  • Compose a nice thesis statement.
  • The goal of this statement is to represent the idea and meaning of your work within one or two short but informative phrases. It’s better if it’s somewhat debatable because it’s another instrument that allows you to keep the attention of your readers.

  • Be laconic.
  • The intro shouldn’t be long. Make sure that it contains only necessary and important information.

Looking for a good expository essay outline example

A good example of an outline for an expository paper can be really difficult to find. And this includes the promise that the academic writing company made to you about the free sample they are going to get you. There are many more considerations that you will have to make and these could well be some of the most important things you will know about creating outlines of academic papers in general. You will also have to consider the fact that the expository art seeks to lay out facts in the bare form.
The way you go about looking for that outline sample will have a lot of say on what the paper has to say about the sample. Here are a few things that you will need to know. Look at this from an objective point of view and you will get the rest.

The relevance of outline for an expository paper

The relevance of the outline for an expository paper is no different from its relevance for any other academic paper of interest. The outline helps you get a skeleton on which you may add up the fresh of the subject and create a shapely paper.
This does not undermine the need for proper research which you will have to put in anyway. It is only a little easier with the outline in place.

The library is replete with help

There are several forms of help available in the library and you may just pluck one of these at your will. Look at what you need to do with the forms of help and you will get enough evidence of people looking at the library for all kinds of helps and suggestions.
There are several online stores that offer help
The online stores that offer a free outline may be offering a sample which is neither too bad nor too good for the top grade. But if you are willing to pay a price for the outline of the essay, you will receive just what you need. Make sure there is nothing that you will have to make a sacrifice about.

Online help is not bad either

There are several modes of online writing help available when you are ready to look for the right sources. Choose a company only after reading through all kinds of reviews about the company. This will help you get a clear idea of the credibility of the essay writing company.

How to Start an Essay on Why Disability is Not Inability

The beginning of your essay will either make it a hit or a miss. The enticement to read beyond the title lies in your introduction. When composing a paper on why disability is not inability, your beginning will determine the reception of the entire paper. Here are several ways to start your paper in order to make it interesting to read.

Pick a Catchy Phrase

Find a phrase that is catchy and captivating to read. The attention of the reader will be captured immediately he reads the statement. This phrase, sentence or statement could be drawn from a poem, a novel, a recitation, newspaper article, etc. It could also be a statement from a prominent personality who had high regard for people with disability. Whichever phrase you choose, ensure that it captures the attention of the reader.

Use a Quotation

A quotation attributed to a prominent figure is a captivating way to begin an essay on why disability is not inability. A proverb or a citation from a recognizable book would also do. It is the attribution of the quote to a person, institution, event, time, etc that captures the interest of the reader. When making a quotation, ensure that it is well referenced. Failure to reference the quote may lead to accusation of plagiarism.

Use Statistics

Figures are a short way of communicating weighty matters. A lot of research has been done on disability with incredible statistics of triumph. In your process of reading widely, identify a statistical figure or revelation that is astounding. Using such statistics at the beginning of your paper will help concentrate the attention of a reader. A percentage or fraction may say more than what can be accommodated in an entire paragraph.

Give a Story

It is interesting to listen or read a short and inspiring story about persons who have overcome disability. The idea stories to use are those of prominent personalities or real life experiences. However, if such a story is not available, an illustration will be sufficient to pass your message and capture the attention of your reader.

Challenge Your Reader

Engaging your reader is an active way of starting an essay. Challenge the reader to do something that a disabled person can do without a second thought. It could be opening a bottle of juice with one arm or drinking from a cup using your legs. This challenge draws attention to the ability of the disabled persons to perform ordinary duties regardless of common social perceptions. If you write your essays with passion and dedication, you might want to check out Writing Jobz for the most awesome writing gigs.

Writing an argumentative essay: tips for middle school

Writing an argumentative essay can prove to be trick for some students when they don’t know the best tips that are out there, but when you know the best tips doing the project becomes a piece of cake. Just by knowing these tips and hints you are setting yourself up for success, because you will be able to use them to write a high quality project. There are many hints out there, but only some will be helpful to you as you may benefit more than others. With that thought in mind here are some tips for middle school students writing an argumentative essay.

Look at sample projects whenever you can

Looking at sample projects every time you get a change will help you a lot, because you can look at them whenever you get stuck. When looking at the samples take note of how they are structured, since you want to shape yours to look like theirs. Also, only use ones that are already marked, because that way you know the project is high quality. There are many ways to get hold of samples by far the best option is to get it from your professor, since they will have them already marked.

Get someone to proof read your work

Getting your work proof readied is very important, because they can spot out any mistakes you have made. Thus, getting a good grade will be much easier. You can pay a tutor to look at your work, but have in mind that they might charge you. The better the tutor the more you will have to pay, which can be a big obstacle if you don’t need too much help. In this case you can go to a lesser qualified tutor, and give them the work instead.

Start the work as early as you possibly can

Starting as early as you can has many benefits such as relieving stress, which most students suffer from. By starting early you will finish the project a lot faster, thus leaving you time to do other activities like correcting your mistakes. Just don’t make the error of rushing your work, because this can lead to little mistakes, which will bring the quality of the work down.

Useful advice on how to write a great essay about yourself

Creating a great essay about yourself should not be that hard to do and in most cases you’ll be able to do the work from the top of your head. Having said that there will be a few things that you have to be aware of if you want to have a level of success that you have not had before. Essay projects can be a lot of fun when you are the topic of discussion, but there are still a few things that need to be understood for the top grade to be achieved.

Consider a specific angle

There are many things that you can write about yourself, but if you concentrate on a specific aspect then you can have a better time doing the work. For example, if basketball is your main hobby then you can do a piece that tackles the subject of basketball and what it has meant toy your life. Perhaps you can share some experiences, or you can give your opinions on how to make the sport more accessible to younger kids. As you can see you will have a lot of fun doing a project if it is about your hobbies and passions.

No grammar mistakes

The volume of grammar mistakes that you commit in your work will determine the end grade that you get. If you are able to eliminate the majority of the grammar mistakes in the work that you’ll be doing that that will be highly beneficial for you.
If you do not know how to spot the grammar mistakes that you have made then it makes sense to hire the services of a proofreader. Such an individual can help you get to the bottom of the mistakes so that in turn you can enjoy a better quality piece of work.

Pace yourself

It’s vital to give yourself the kind of pace that will not make it too hard for the subject matter to be completed. With that in mind ensure that you are able to start from day 1 or at the very least on the next day that you have been given the assignment. There is no sense in procrastinating as that will come back to stress you out a lot more than it is worth it. So do take the time to pace yourself evenly throughout the work you do.

Top 25 amazing descriptive essay topics for high school

Are you writing a descriptive essay in high school, but seem to not know what to write about? Soon you will find out how you can think of your own top quality title with ease. You just need to take a look at some examples, since they can give you some ideas that you didn’t have before. If you can take some notes on a piece of paper until you find what you are looking for, otherwise you can forget some important things. With that being said here is a list of the top 25 amazing descriptive essay topics for high school.

  1. Describe a near death experience that you had
  2. The best moment you ever had in your life
  3. Describe a dream that you had
  4. Describe your favorite place to be
  5. Describe a person that you miss
  6. Describe a human to a being from out of this world
  7. Give a house tour
  8. Describe your most oldest memory
  9. Describe your most favorite birthday
  10. Your most scariest moment in your life
  11. What would you bury in a time capsule?
  12. Describe your pet to someone who has never seen a pet before
  13. Describe your most favorite emotion
  14. Describe technology to a person from the 18th century
  15. Describe something that has been passed down for many generation in your family
  16. Describe your most favorite thing as a child
  17. Describe an object that has sentimental value to you
  18. Describe what it would be like to live in the 21st century
  19. Describe your most favorite food to eat
  20. Describe your best friend
  21. Describe your favourite book
  22. Describe a person you had a crush on
  23. Describe a funny moment in class
  24. Describe your most heartwarming experience
  25. Describe the most nicest thing anyone has done to you

Here are a lot of titles that you can use to create a top of the line paper, but make sure to pick something you know about, since this way you won’t have to do as much research. On the plus side you won’t have to spend as much time doing the project, because you won’t have to do as much research.

Crafting A Controversial Essay About The Effects Of Bullying

The effect of bullying can be devastating and creating an essay on this specific topic can be a very education process. If you have ever ben bullied before then you can draw from your own personal experience to get the content written. However, you should still use some studies to provide researched data that will stand up to scrutiny. Without further ado here are some top tis when trying to write a controversial essay about the effects of bullying.

Possible titles to work on

Are you stuck with regards to selecting the kind of title that can make a big difference to the way that work is completed? Then take a short cut and consider the possible titles below:

  • How has the internet increase the amount of bullying that takes place outside of school?
  • What are the main ways that cyber bullying can be tackled in a methodical manner?
  • Who do you feel should be responsible for stopping a child from getting bullied?
  • What are the top causes of bullying in your opinion?
  • What things can be done to educate kids not to bully other kids?
  • What psychological effects do kids undergo when they get bullied for a long period of time?
  • How can a bully be stopped for good?
  • What is the reasonable course of punishment for a bully?
  • What can be done to ensure that a bully does not make the same offence at some point in the future?

Where to get the info from

There are many possible locations online where data can be retrieved for the purposes of creating a piece of work that will hold up to scrutiny. Whenever you make a valid point it helps if you are able to get a piece of data to back up that point. By doing this you are essentially showing to the examiner that you have done the right research and deserve to get a high grade for your work. However, for those of you that have not had frame of mind to carry out a lot of info gather you’ll find that your work will be a lot harder to complete and might not even be of the same quality.
So keep this info in mind when you are working on your next controversial essay about bullying and the effects that it has on the kids who are the victims.